Lauren & Matt

This was the other photoshoot I did in February: Lauren & Matt’s 

They were [very] amazing and easy to work with.Image
One of the characteristics I admire about their relationship is that they are both their own individuals. 
They love each other- it’s apparent; you know it and you feel it. But they are never different when they come together. Image
They complement each other quite nicely. Image
Happy [early] 5th anniversary Lauren & Matt! ❤Image


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“I owe no explanations for my flaws…”


February – Self Relationships

For the month of February, I have 2 photoshoots to demonstrate and release. Both shoots display a different kind of relationship. The second will be posted this weekend.

In this post’s photoshoot, my focus was the self-relationship. Here, you see a young woman reading to herself. She is telling herself a story, all the while, her reflection merely sits and merely listens. Her reflection does not interrupt her, nor question her, but rather accepts and waits politely.


Despite the respect in waiting for herself to finish, the reflection looks upon herself with disagreement. So the question the photo rises is “What stories do you tell yourself?”


When you look in the mirror, what do you say? Do you whisper truths to yourself or unfounded gossip?


How do you portray yourself, see yourself, paint yourself?


“When we feel jealous, we tell ourselves a story. We tell ourselves a story about other people’s lives. And these stories make us feel terrible because they’re designed to make us feel terrible- as the teller of the tale and the audience. We know what details to include to dig that knife in.” – Parul Sehgal

“I spend so much time hating my body when it’s never had a bad thing to say about me.” – Tim Mitchen

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Model: Crystal Wong


I watch a lot of television. 

It is way too easy to access these days…

I love it and I get hooked… especially when I’m tired. 

I am seeking to decrease that, however- all the noise in general. Noise as in bingeing on episodes with Netflix. Noise as in spending too much time on looking up funny images online.. Noise as in distractions and noise as in excess. 

Why change? Because I like walks instead. Because I love reading instead. Because without these little noises, I remember who I am and what I could be, instead. 

Here is a photoshoot I did recently; as I have turned down the noise and have been returning to my art instead (:





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[Model: Jaimie Bedford, pageant star and aspiring actress]


The Last of September’s Shots

Hello(: So, this post wraps up September and I have a few more shots to share before its end.

ImageImageImage ImageImageImage

This past month I have dedicated my photographs to low lighting and dark sceneries. My hope was in utilizing darkness to bring to focus the different beauty of the night; a beauty that, like people, lies contingent on its angles. 

“Let someone love you…”



Another little quote I thought fit with my October theme (: