When life gives you a good foundation…

It is my mother and my aunt’s strength and sensibility that I lean on and that drives my everyday life.

My mother has not lead an easy life, nor my aunt for that matter.  However, the beauty of their trial is not just their survival, it is in their ability to offer the world what they never received.

My mother is kind. My mother is soft. She has wounds and scares that have hardened, but her heart, never, ever has. For this I am thankful; for her strength to vehemently pursue life, despite the suffering it has thrown her way.

My mother- through her sacrifices and her love- has laid down the foundation for my future. Now, it is up to me to build on that, to learn from that, and to rise higher than that.  And so far.. I’m  building (:

We all have to build from what we’ve been given. For some of us it is more, for some a little less- but it is important that you use it. If you have the ability to start 2 steps off the ground, why pretend as though you have nothing at all to begin with? Why compare it to someone who is starting off at 5? Your concern should be your own foundation, your own building.. not anyone else’s.

For this post, I wanted to feature my beautiful aunt ❤
Who, through her fire and intensity,
has become a force to be reckoned with…
though one would advise against such an action.
I hope you all found a little way to celebrate International Women’s Day yesterday (:

Thanks for reading (:


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2 responses to “When life gives you a good foundation…”

  1. Gede Prama says :

    I really like and very inspired… 🙂

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